Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Refuse To Cooperate Now Has a Youth League!

"There is no better time for change than now!" - Lexa Moon, RTC Youth Coordinator 

Hello! My name is Axel Varela, but most of you know me by my pen name, Lexa Moon. I am happy to welcome you to the official Refuse to Cooperate - Youth League blog. This blog will be not only dedicated to young people all across this country who Refuse to  Cooperate. It will also be dedicated to all our passionate fans who would like to get involved in their communities. 

Refuse to Cooperate has grown significantly in just over a year, to date. Page views have gone up, and its popularity has increased to the point that we have decided to create the RTC - Youth League. I'd like to introduce one of the men whom I respect the most in this world, my friend and colleague, Kent Allen Halliburton, the founder of RTC. Kent has dedicated his time and passion to creating what we know now to be "Refuse to Cooperate." He spends hours on end tirelessly working on articles and on other projects to spread his message of community and social equality to you, the readers. I have never known a man to be more dedicated to something than Kent. He has totally earned my respect, and I am honored to work with him in order to make a significant difference in this world of social, racial, economic, political, sexual, and gender related injustice, among other things.

I can't believe I have to address this in 2017, but we all live in a world where our society is divided. We live in a nation where there is racial inequality, which breaks out into riots in the streets, as national leadership tries to deflect on the issue. We are divided into different classes based on our annual income. It is taboo to have friends from a opposing political stand points. Any other sexual orientation, other than heterosexuality, is frowned upon. A women earns 3/4's pay of what a man does for the same labor. We as a nation have not only a civil duty, but a moral duty, to make these things change, and the time is now!

As young people, we are the future of this country, and it is our task to make things right. The future of this country is in our hands and will soon be in the hands of our children, then their children, and so forth. What type of future do you want for your children, one where your daughter makes only 3/4's of what her brother makes for the same work, or one where your gay son is afraid to walk down the street holding the hand of his partner? The time is now! We are the future!

Here at RTC we believe in equal pay for equal work. We believe in a future where full coverage health care is a birth right, not a profit opportunity for big business men. We believe in a future where everyone is held accountable equally, not by the color of their skin or the depth of their pocket, but by the content of their character. We believe that the time has come to fight for these things and others.

The RTC Youth league is a group of young American teenagers who have dedicated their spare time to making a difference, be that attending a rally, or registering people to vote. We will also push for educating people about how big businesses are stealing directly from their pocket in order to make an extra buck. We are also known for fighting to keep the wall between church and state strong and tall.

The time is now! How will you choose to affect the future? Join us here at the RTC - Youth League where our platform for change is strong!

Hello, everyone! I am Kent Allen Halliburton, the founder of Refuse To Cooperate. To be honest, when I first started the RTC blog, I was not sure where this venture would lead me, but now I have a pretty good idea. I want Refuse To Cooperate to be a fully functional Socialist political organization that functions outside the normal two party structure that has crippled this country's ability to evolve socially, politically, and morally. I firmly believe that it is going to be young people that finally drag this country into the future kicking and screaming. Given that reality, I am happy to throw my support behind the Refuse To Cooperate - Youth League and its new blog.

Potius Mori Quam Foedari!